2018 – Race and the Analytical Study of Religion

In its 8th annual workshop, SORAAAD asks, How do we design research and collect data on race, the processes of racialization, and religion? How do we trace their intersections with disability, gender, orientation, and class while also challenging the idea that race or phenotypic preoccupation is a universal mode of human aggregation? How do we rejoin attention to these issues along with different scales of social and political aggregation and power? To address these issues and more, we are pleased to announce that Rudy Busto, Kelly J. Baker, Chloe Martinez, Jolyon B. Thomas, Angela C. Sutton, Monique Moultrie, and Sarah Dees will share their work and insights with regard to Race and: History, white supremacy, legal classifications, Racecraft, Japanese culture, visual culture, the Slave Societies Database, Womanist Ethnography, and Indigenous religion.
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Please note the updated schedule below


Friday, November 16, 2018, Denver, CO
University of Denver, Anderson Academic Center

8:45-9:20 Workshop Check in, Pre workshop Refreshments and informal introductions.
9:20 Introduction and Opening Statement
9:30 Introductions across the room – Ipsita Chatterjea & David Walker – moderators.

Race and the Analytical Study of Religion

⏤ Sean McCloud, Session Chair
10:00 Rudy Busto “Race, Religion and the Chains of Human History
10:40 Kelly Baker “Foregrounding White Supremacists in Religious Studies
11:20 -11:40 Break

Race, Religion, Categories, and Classification

⏤ David Walker, Session Chair
11:40 Chloe Martinez  “Making Race, Making Space: Bhagat Singh Thind Beyond the Supreme Court Case
12:20- 1:40 Lunch (Please note the Nelson Hall closes at 1:30)

Race, Religion, Reframing the Data of Racialization

⏤ Tim Jensen, Session Chair
1:40 Jolyon Thomas ““Japanese People Don’t See Race”: Linguistic Tics, Ambient Norms, and the Constructed Qualities of Race and Religion in Japan
2:20 Angela Sutton (via Skype) “Religious Documents in the Slave Societies Digital Archive (SSDA)
3:05- 3:20 Break

Race and Methodology

⏤ Ipsita Chatterjea, Session Chair
3:20 Sarah Dees “Presence, Absence, Refusal: Race and Indigenous Religions in the Academy
4:00 Monique Moultrie “Womanist Ethnography, Race, Sexuality and Media
4:40-5:20 Conversation Across Sessions ⏤ David Walker, Moderator
5:20 Announcements and clean up.

SORAAAD Reception – 6:00- 8:00

Sponsored by SORAAAD, The University of Regina Religion Department, University of Denver – Media, Journalism and Film Studies Department and Religious Studies Department