2020 Summer Implicit Religion Conference /SORAAAD Workshop

The Edward Bailey Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion at BGU and the Study of Religion as an Analytical Discipline Workshop at the University of Regina (SORAAAD) are pleased to announce that all future Implicit Religion US conferences will feature a SORAAAD workshop. The first joint workshop and conference will be in Chicago, Illinois 2-4th June on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The theme for the 2020 Implicit Religion US conference will be “Commitment.” SORAAAD’s workshop will take place on June 2. SORAAAD will announce its themes and speakers for the June and November 2020 workshops in February 2020.

Commitment in regards to religious belief is assumed to be well known and understood, but actually what data are we gathering and what are we missing or disregarding when we focus on religious commitment? How could we better analyse and understand religion if we took seriously the level and types of commitment that manifest around categories such as race, gender, immigration, xenophobia, and climate change? What would we learn about the nature and praxis of commitment by focusing on how it interacts with and is influenced by popular culture, social media, economics, policy making, politics and nationalism. ….

Implicit Religion US Call for Papers, “Commitment

The Implicit Religion US conference keynote will be delivered by Dr Kayla Wheeler. The Implicit Religion US Conference always includes a practical workshop intended to peel back the layers of different aspects of academic work. In 2020 the workshop will focus on the public communication of ideas and research, and it will be run by Dr. Kelly J. Baker and Dr. David Dault. The 2020 Implicit Religion US Call for Papers is now posted, as is further background on the aims and purpose of the US Conference.

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