Statement of Participation and Non-Discrimination

The SORAAAD network and community welcomes participants of all ethnic origins, races, genders, orientations, (dis)abilities, religious backgrounds, financial means, and professional or immigration statuses. You are valued and wanted at this workshop. Your voices, ideas, papers, and personage matter. We urge you to review Analyze Religion as it clarifies our editorial and professional commitments. Please note our adoption of the ALA’s conduct policy as our own and our statement here to emphasize our work to create a productive, interdisciplinary, and intersectional atmosphere (Crenshaw, 1989) where all are treated with respect.

We work with our sponsors to ensure that there are neither registration fees nor membership dues, to reduce barriers to professional development and scholarly community. We recognize that attending the SORAAAD workshop often requires arrangements to cover teaching obligations, child and eldercare, and the costs of an additional day’s travel. With this in mind we provide hospitality that accommodates vegetarians, vegans, and those who must eat gluten-free. We welcome parents and families to the conference, and we encourage young parents and nursing parents to attend with their infants and children. We will work to support your needs and the needs of your children and family. We also welcome persons with mobility or disability issues. We will accommodate your needs throughout the conference for all resources we develop, and this holds regardless of the legal status of the Americans with Disabilities Act. All are welcome and valued.

Please note that we are a small organization, and as such we do not have the financial capacity to offer funding for travel or conference-related costs at this time. At present we are also not in a position to support visa applications beyond providing a letter confirming participation.

To our participants, speakers, and the larger community of analysts of religion: if you are impacted by the travel ban to the USA, or if you wish to avoid travelling to the US as a means of protesting it, we fully recognize that attending an academic conference is not worth the risks of being denied entry or return, being detained or deported, or losing immigration status. We respect stances of conscience. You are valued, wanted, and welcome.

For those who cannot attend the workshop, we are exploring the possibility of podcasting talks (crucially, while protecting the intellectual property and process of our speakers and participants). We are also working to develop further 1) the interactive elements of the program PDF, to aid your research from home; and 2) mechanisms of interaction with SORAAAD speakers.

If you know that you cannot attend SORAAAD without financial assistance, we will work with you to ensure that you can present and discuss your work via digital means / video conferencing. We will try to facilitate your digital participation during other segments of the conference, as well.

SORAAAD’s committee would like to thank Dr. Francis Stewart and the Implicit Religion Conference. Both groups share an ethos of enabling and accommodating participation. With their permission, the statement above is a close adaptation of their conference participation statement that addresses SORAAAD’s distinct operating circumstances.

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