Edward Bailey Centre, Bishop Grosseteste University

After launching the Edward Bailey Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion at Bishop Grosseteste University, in October 2019, the Implicit Religion Trust has approved underwriting a second annual SORAAAD workshop to meet in conjunction with the Implicit Religion US conference. The second Implicit Religion US conference to be held in Chicago from June 2-4, will be the first joint IR/SORAAAD conference.

As with SORAAAD’s institutional sponsor The University of Regina Religion Department, this alliance has been designed to provide additional opportunities to sustain innovation in research design and further a collectively-held goal: the immediate integration of findings into graduate and undergraduate training, and the proliferation of responsible techniques among researchers across specializations.

The Edward Bailey Centre for the Study of Implicit Religion Bishop Grosseteste University Logo, Ivy Covered Building in background

Bishop Grosseteste University’s Religion Department is now the official institutional center for the Implicit Religion Trust.

The department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics at Bishop Grosseteste University offers a Foundational course, a single honours BA, a joint honours with either History or Education BA, a joint honours in special educational needs, inclusion and disability with Theology BA, and a Master’s (MA / MTh).

The goal of the department’s degree programs and curriculum are not to foster personal religious commitment or to evaluate the relative merits of various religious practices, traditions, and points of view. Rather they are intended to develop and foster students’ curiosity and fascination about different religious cultures, learning from hands-on experience, developing research skills, and critical evaluation skills.

The department offers courses that focus on recent trends in theology alongside the implications of scientific discovery, exploring religious debate together with arguments for atheism and for the existence of God. It also offers courses on all major religious traditions and on the range of academic approaches to religious phenomena, as well as exploring key events and issues related to terrorism, race, gender and sexuality. Building upon over 150 years of training teachers and education expertise, the department offers courses related to the history of religious education in the UK, pedagogical tools, emerging trends and conversations within education more broadly, and the role that religion can hold within them.

Theology, Philosophy and Ethics students at Bishop Grosseteste University are provided with numerous opportunities to interact with local businesses and entrepreneurs, to visit places of worship, to take part in national and international educational residential trips – including to Rome and India. Students at BGU learn to read and think critically whilst acquiring research skills that facilitate the study and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Former students have found employment using their Theology, Philosophy and Ethics degree from Bishop Grosseteste University in fields as diverse as education, museum curation, social work, third sector work such as charities and NGO’s, journalism, television researcher, policy work and counselling.

For further information regarding the undergraduate or masters programme please contact the department: https://www.bishopg.ac.uk/course/thes/