Friday, November 22, 2019, San Diego
San Diego City College

For our 9th Annual workshop, we are pleased to announce that George Archer, Alison Melnick Dyer, Shreena Gandhi, Marko Geslani, Edward Silver, Kayla Reneé Wheeler, and others will share their work and insights on: how to address diversity in orality and literacy when translating the Qurʾan; gender, audience, and the politics of translation in Tibetan Buddhism; the impacts of translation on the study of North American religions; Cold War Orientalism and model minoritization in Hindu studies; strategic untranslatability and the subaltern politics of the Tower of Babel; and how scholars and Muslims outside of the academy can translate complex arguments about Arab-centrism and anti-Blackness in American Islam without giving Islamophobes ammunition for Orientalism or xenophobia. Jens Kreinath, Jamel Velji, Ipsita Chatterjea, David Feltmate, and David Walker will then facilitate the concluding segment of the workshop Religion, Translation, Analysis, and Your Work wherein attendees discuss the intersection of their research and teaching with the workshop’s themes. Full Premise : Program PDF

8:45-9:15 Workshop Check in, Pre workshop Refreshments and informal introductions.

Morning Session I

9:15 Opening Statement
9:25 Introduction: Shreena Niketa Gandhi
 “Choosing Translation: How Methodological Decisions Can Reveal Systems of Power, Privilege and Politics in Religion and Religious Studies
10:00 Introductions across the room Ipsita Chatterjea & David Walker – moderators.

Morning Session II

10:25 George Archer
In the World to Come, You Will Be Able to Read: A Translation Riddle on the Colonialism of the Literate Mind
11:15 Alison Melnick Dyer
Gender and the Politics of Translation: Reading the Life of a Female Tibetan Saint
11:55 Marko Geslani
Cold War Orientalism and Model Minoritization in U.S. Hindu Studies

12:30- 1:45 Lunch
Afternoon Session I

1:45 Edward Silver
Speech and Action/Hegemony and Resistance/Babel and Babble: Genesis 11 as Subaltern Language Ideology against Empire
2:25 Kayla Reneé Wheeler
 “Race Matters in Islam: The Importance of Critical Theory for Muslims and Islamic Studies Scholars

3:00-3:10 Break
Afternoon Working Session II :
Religion, Translation, Analysis and Your Work

3:10 David Feltmate, Ipsita Chatterjea
Translating Methods and Theories: Case Studies and Extensibility

4:05 Jamel Velji, Jens Kreinath, David Walker – moderators
Workshop discussion across themes.

4:45-5:00 Announcements and Clean up.

SORAAAD Reception – 5:30- 8:00 TBD