Religion at the University of Regina

Having served as SORAAAD’s primary sponsor since 2014, as of 2017, The University of Regina Religion Department, newly renamed the Department of Gender, Religion, and Critical Studies, is now the official institutional center for SORAAAD’s activities. This alliance has been designed to sustain the innovation of research design, proliferate techniques, and further the immediate integration of findings into the training of graduate students and undergraduate curriculum. The Religion Department at the University offers an undergraduate religion major, and an MA program.



The Department of Religious Studies offers a BA major, BA Honours, BA Minor and a Master’s (MA) degree in Religious Studies.

The Department of Religious Studies offers courses on all of the major religious traditions, on current issues, and on academic approaches to religious phenomena. The essential goal of these courses is to offer students the opportunity to critically examine the realm of the religious in its varied manifestations and to illuminate some of the perennial issues about life and human destiny.

Religious Studies courses are not designed to foster personal religious commitment or to evaluate the relative merits of various religious practices, traditions, and points of view.

The student of religious studies at the University of Regina not only learns to read and think critically but also acquires research skills that facilitate the study and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Past students have used this global perspective and the tools acquired in the study of religion as background for careers in law, journalism, government, social work, education, medicine, business, and the church.

The Department of Religious Studies draws from a combination of faculty members in the Faculty of Arts, Luther College, and Campion College at the University of Regina.

For further information regarding the undergraduate or masters program please e-mail the Department.